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About Me

About Me

About Me

1 years old and I live in Bekasi. I actually come from other cities – Jakarta, where I lived for eleven years, but four years ago, my mother decided to change his job, and we all moved. I have a sister – Xva. She is 24 and she just graduated economics at the University Indonesia.Saya also has brother-Xta. He was 10 and now he was in grade 4 elementary school. My father worked as an entrepreneur. My mother also worked to be self-employed.

I am interested in economics, music, and writing. I love the economy in my life when I was 17 years old. So decided to go to college in the economics faculty. Currently I have 6 semesters. So far I have a pretty good value. I’ve got a scholarship at the University Gunadarma in semester 3.

My favorite singer is Agnes Monica. I think it is the best artist in Indonesia. I have all the albums Agnes. I love him, but I also like other singers like Ne-yo. for me, acha also not less great. but he can sing, he can also berackting. all movie starring him, I always do not miss to watch it. and one of my favorite movies is “Love is Cinta”.

I love to write. I love writing poetry, short stories, plays, and song lyrics. I originally just for fun but to be a fun thing for me. many of my poems that I have made. I am pleased to write love poems. I make poetry a part of my love of travel. besides that, I also enjoy writing poetry from my friends experience.

My dream is to become an accountant, a great writer, and a professional singer. I hope that in the future, I can reach all my dreams.

I hate snakes. When I see a snake (especially when it’s a big one) I feel so very small and the snake was so big. I do not feel hurt when I saw mice, cockroaches and other animals and when I found a snake, I thought: “Why not rats? How can I find a snake in my house”. This is terrible.

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